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This page is dedicated to the #1 overnight Talk Show host
in the history of talk radio!

Click here for the Official Art Bell Website

I'm Baaack!

"I'm Back!"

With over 500 affiliates strong...

...and it sounds better than ever!

Welcome Back Art!

It's been too long!

After a brief hiatus from the airwaves and at the repeated requests of
Premier Radio (and millions of fans and listeners) Art Bell has
returned to host Coast to Coast AM full time as of February 5th, 2001!

With Coast to Coast AM now broadcast to millions worldwide, and available via
the Internet, Art will resume his position at the helm, discussing topics far and wide.
From ancient civilizations to ancient astronauts, gun control to near death experiences,
and from politics to UFOs, nothing is beyond Art's realm in the Kingdom of Knye!

Additionally, The Official Art Bell Website is online at:

With a great new look!


Premier Radio has implemented a 'pay-per-show' charge on the live audio stream of
Coast to Coast AM as well as all archived shows listed on the official Art Bell site.

Get the details regarding Art's Streamlink


There are other existing radio stations which still offer
LIVE audio streaming free of charge!

Click  here for LIVE RealAudio streaming of Coast to Coast AM

or if you prefer you can search for other stations via the Radio Locator

[hint: check the 'affiliate stations' section at the official Coast to Coast site for local stations!]


Listen to Coast to Coast AM  "Live"


Premier Radio Networks



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Guest Info and Program Schedule


Past Program Schedule and Audio Files
(audio supplied for the previous 30-days only)


Want to be a "Live Caller" on Coast to Coast ?


Call-In Lines


Send a "Fast Blast" Message/Question to Art or his guest!


Art's Web Cam

Other Links



Sound Clips

Old Sound Clips Archive Restored

Old Photo Album Restored

3830 Group

Art Bell Chat Clubs


The Quickening Newsletter

The After Dark Newsletter





Art on The Today Show

Interview with Art Bell by Keith Rowland




NEW    Art Bell -w- Special Guest Major Ed Dames [Friday, June 8th, 2001]


Part 1        Part 2        Part 3        Part 4


Stay tuned for more C2C transcripts presented here in the future!


KNYE.com Talk Radio

Art and Ramona also have an additional project in the works.
For the past five years, the two have planned to start a local "oldies/talk"
radio station in Pahrump. Now, boasting the call letters KNYE, this station is
almost ready to begin broadcast over the airwaves, as well as via the Internet.

The format for KNYE will also be "oldies/ talk" with various special guests
(including regulars of Premier such as Rush Limbaugh, and Dr. Laura)!


Wanna' Take a Ride?

Well, Join the 'Art Bell-Talk' Yahoo! Group
[the ORIGINAL Art Bell list group] today!

Discuss the same topics covered by Art and his guests here!

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Also visit the Official 'Art Bell Talk' Website and Chat!



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*Editors Note*

Have you noticed all the freaky weather lately???

Check it out in Our Changing Weather section!





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