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Does this scene look familiar?

Everyone knows what a normal jet trail looks like, and the one above is NOT normal.

Now, these are regular jet contrails!

Click here for larger image!

Click on the image for original

There have been strange jet trails in the sky all over the US since the Fall of 1998!

For almost three years, the American public has been breathing whatever these 

Contrails/Chemtrails are made of.


Since these anomalies have been appearing in our skies,

there have been reports of flu-like sickness affecting people worldwide

Except... doctors say it isn't the Flu at all.!

In fact, they have no idea what it is!

Are we being protected from an aerial biological attack?

Are we the acting guinea pigs for the US Military?

Are they the side-effects of  government-based "Atmospheric Supplementation/Modification" experiments?

Or are we merely breathing unwanted jet fuel?

Just what the hell IS Going On???


Here are a few of the many Contrails which I have caught on film where I live

in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia

Recent Images

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Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! 

Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image!


UPDATED    Click here for More Recent Images


Below are images currently circulating the Internet

Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image!  Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image! Click here for larger image!  

I threw this one in just for fun!

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NEW    Chemtrails commercial now airing In Canada!

NEW    The Worldwide Gathering For Truth, August 17th - 19th 2001

Chemtrail Crimes & Cover-up Documented

Chemtrails - Frequently Asked Questions

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URGENT!    Report Sickness to The Contrail Connection

The Latest News from William Thomas

Investigative Journalist, Author, and Videographer


FAA official: military tankers performing weather modification

Canadian Official says chemtrails are a "military exercise."

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RX for Chemtrails

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Treating Chemtrail-Related Illness

Dr. Edward Teller On The Chemtrail Controversy

Scientific Study Suggests Large-Scale Atmospheric Modification

Humidity Data Shows Massive Plumes Not Caused By Normal Contrails

'Chemtrail Correspondence' from Concerned Individuals

Additional Chemtrail Information and Earlier Bulletins

Will Thomas' 'Chemtrail Photo Album'


[Courtesy of Lifeboat News ]

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(As of 06-17-2001)

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