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Editor's Note 

Well, officially we are living in the New Millennium!


We are all by now (obviously and painfully) aware of the events continuing to unfold around us daily on our journey for 'The Truth'


Things MUST change for us to continue  (both as a species and race) in the future,
and we Humans have much to learn and to endure in the coming years!


Observe the following...


Solar cycle #23 continues to exhibit major solar activity!


Global Warming is now in full swing!
and a worldwide 'climate change' is currently in progress.

Contrary to popular belief, evidence for this change
can be seen in a wide variety of research materials


(PREPARE...for the Ice Age!)
['Tai-Kwan Do-Do's']


Anomalous (Alien/UFO) sightings are on the rise!

(as are Alien Abductions and Animal Mutilations)


We have seen the rise in Crop Circle activity!

(2001 leads the phenomenon into the next century)


Over fifty extra-solar planets have been discovered orbiting around distant stars!

(How many more until we find one that's 'inhabited'?)


And let's not forget the long anticipated return of Planet X/Nibiru on the horizon!

(Home of the Anunnaki/Nefilim)


We continue to live in very exciting times!


So, find a comfortable spot with a good view
then sit back and enjoy the show!


But always remember...


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Current Solar Status


(Updated every 15 minutes)


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Special Feature


Editorials by UFO Researcher and Author Dennis Balthaser


05/01/01    UFO Existence From the Past


03/01/01    STRESS, as in UFO Research


01/01/01    Another Side to Researchers and Witnesses



Editorials written in 1999 and 2000 have been archived here




Full-Page Advertisement in USA Today February 19th, 1999



Recent News Headlines

(As of 07-15-2002)




Solar sail launch success

Family hail miracle as boy wakes up in morgue

'Astonishing' skull unearthed in Africa

New planet is step to finding solar system like Earth's

15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense

Thunderstorms may have caused crop circles

Mysterious Pipes Left by 'ET' Reported from Qinghai, China

Observers confirming Sri Lanka UFO reports

Scientists find forgotten treasures on museum shelf

Researchers envisage turning light into liquid

Asteroid 2002 MN Impact Risk

Five women treated by exorcist after visit to fossil site

Archaeological Coverups: A Plot to Control History?

Scotland hailed as Costa del Sol for aliens

In the Line of Fire

LMH    Update About Cuba Underwater Megalithic Research

Evidence for Creation by Outside Intervention

Chinese Scientists to Head for Suspected ET Relics




'Blast from the past'


NEXUS    UFO 'Uncoverup?'



Stay Tuned!


This page is currently being updated!




News Headlines are Updated Regularly
So Check back later for More Breaking News!


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