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On this page you can access various assorted audio and video files
of UFOs/Recent Sightings and other related topics

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Recent Audio/Video


The Disclosure Project

Press Release via the National Press Club [May 9th, 2001]

[Internet Video Webcast]

Part 1

Part 2


Dr. Steven Greer on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell [06-15-01]

Note: the above interview will only be available until July 15th!


Original Roswell Crash Report from a 1947 Radio Broadcast

[E-CETI]    The 'UFO Sound' from James Gilliland


 Live Audio Broadcasts


NASA TV        



Night Search "The Voice of the Paranormal

LIVE    Night Search is now LIVE 5 Nights per week


DreamScape News is very proud to present The Enigma Channel
Featuring shows on Crop Circles, UFOs, Aliens, Earth Mysteries,
The Paranormal, and New Age Science


Enigma TV


Coast to Coast AM - with Art Bell


Sightings - with Jeff Rense


Interactive    Other Worlds: The Search For Extra-Solar Planets


The Missler Report

Week In Review


The Famous "STS" clips filmed by the Space Shuttle Astronauts

(Video and summary are courtesy of UFO Folklore)


STS-48  STS-48, the Space Shuttle Discovery September 15, 
1991. A UFO appears just above the Earth's atmosphere and
does a sharp angle turn when something appears to be
shooting at it. This clip is the most famous of all NASA UFO
video and broke the story of what's going on with these
NASA videos. This is a good one! NASA tried to say these
are dust particle or waste particles. After this video was
captured, public transmissions during shuttle flights was

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !


STS-48 UFO footage from STS-48 mission again, taken aboard the 
Space Shuttle Discovery in September 1991. A dramatic 
piece of shuttle footage. Several UFOs are seen moving
about the atmosphere at great speed and what appears to be
weapons fire, is seemingly directed toward them. One even
appears to be hit in some of the better generation video tapes
of this event. Is this a secret Star Wars test? Check out this
excellent footage!

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !


STS-51a UFO video from Space Shuttle Discovery STS-51a on
November 14 camera. This is just an insight into what is going
on above our own planet. These sphere type objects seem to
be turning up quite a lot in the recent NASA shuttle videos
and still remain unexplained to date. 

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !


STS-80 NASA footage from the space shuttle Columbia during
mission STS-80 above the Earth during a thunderstorm. Day
13 of the Mission on December the 1st 1996. There are well
over a dozen or more "unknown" objects in this video,
objects that don't appear to be city lights, stars, or satellites.
There's also over a dozen objects that streak by the
camera. There is one very predominant object in the video that
is the "main object" of the video as others appear to come
and go. Objects can be seen cruising below the clouds, rising
up from the clouds, spheres of light changing shape and color,
streaks or "rods" of light cruising very close by the camera,
UFOs traveling thousands of MPH in orbit, objects entering
the Earth's atmosphere from deep space. It is all most bizarre
and NASA have kept pretty quiet about the whole thing. This
is the whole video of the event! 

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !

"Gulf Breeze" UFO Video

Gulf Breeze UFO Here is an interesting video depicting a strange pod 
like UFO exhibiting irrational behavior. This clip was 
recorded in 1993 in the Gulf Breeze area of Florida 
and is just another in a long line of anomalous UFO 
videos to stem from Gulf Breeze over the last decade
.The clip has also been shown on cable TV nationwide 
on the "UFO's Best Ever evidence Fox video." This object
was also seen in Mexico 1993 and captured on the film
"Messengers of Destiny".

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !

Audio Clips


AUDIO/VIDEO    Alien Encounters A Christian Perspective

AUDIO/VIDEO    The entire Ed Dames/Psi-Tech Audio/Video Archive




Check back frequently for additional Audio/Video files!

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