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A DreamScape News Special Feature

The Solar Threat


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Above image courtesy of    Big Bear Solar Observatory Active Region Monitor (ARM)

NEW    GOES SXI/Solar X-ray Imager



NOTE: The YOHKOH Spacecraft has been 'offline' due to a 'deep solar eclipse',
occurring on December 14th, 2001.

Press Release

More info here:

Science Nugget: 21 December 2001 Yohkoh's Troubles 


Visit the YOHKOH Website!


Solar Data Analysis Center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center


Note:    This page is 'image intensive' and may take a minute to load!

Please be patient. It's worth the wait!

Editor's Note

Considering the present solar status and the events occurring daily on our Sun,
updates will be posted as frequently as time allows!

*    *    *

[Yeah right, they've become virtually non-existent as of late!]

Nevertheless, we're still here eagerly watching...and Sol continues to put on a show
(an encore perhaps?) making us wonder...what's next?

This 'unusually high' level of activity is expected to continue, as the Sun continues to emit massive
amounts of solar particles (often in the form of violent flares/CMEs) into the Solar System!

I wonder what Dr. Hathaway would say about the current sunspot number of 323,

'How about a triple-peak there Doc, and make that three years!' TE

*    *    *

NASA Scientists now state that we are experiencing a 'double-peak'
of this particularly active solar cycle (Cycle 23).

There is a common misconception that "Solar Max" is a single episode of high activity. According to
Dr. David Hathaway (a solar physicist at the Marshall Space Flight Center) this is simply not so!

Dr. Hathaway states that the solar maximum will last over an extended period of time, perhaps
as long as two years interspersed with many powerful solar flares and CMEs during this time.

So, it seems that we are 'here for the duration'.

Also, there is a steadily-increasing amount of data which suggest that these 'solar cycles'
(or heightened levels of activity occurring periodically in and on the Sun)
produce adverse effects on the Earth and it's inhabitants (including the Human Body).

As of yet, these effects are not completely understood!

I strongly suggest that everyone educate themselves regarding the implications of these events!

It's STILL not over yet!

Check this out!

Interview with Sol!

INTERACTIVE!    Planet Storm!

[A Discovery Channel 'Special Feature']


Need sunscreen protection from the Solar Cycle?

Click here!

Do the effects of space weather affect human behavior?

Watch for additional info here!

Sunspots and Human Behavior

Sunspot Cycles and Activist Strategy

Our Sun's Effects On Us

also visit:



Solar Station


SOHO Museum 2000

Solar Data Sheet

An Overview of Solar Flares/CME's And Their Effects On The Earth

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Current Solar Status

(Updated every 15 minutes)
Please Reload or Refresh this page for latest data!

Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:
Current Solar Status
Current Geo-physical Status
From n3kl.org


Current NOAA GOES Detail

Current Satellite Environment Current GOES X-Ray Flux

[Click on the images for larger versions]

SEC    Real-time Displays


NOAA/SEC Real-time Data

SEC    Latest Alert, Warning, or Watch

SEC    Last Space Weather Bulletin


Click here for additional information!

[Average over the past 15 minutes]

Click here to animate dials!

If the Magnetic Field's Bz component (above) is southward -10+
watch for active aurora around local midnight!


SEC    Real-Time Solar Wind Pages

NOAA Space Weather Scales





ELFRAD is a non-profit non-commercial organization dedicated to the
advancement of the knowledge, generation, reception, and propagation of ultra low
and extremely low frequency signals traveling through the interior of the Earth.

ELFRAD is currently engaged in scientific research dedicated to the
study of these signals as a  potential aid in earthquake prediction.

These signals are directly related to the Earth's geo-magnetic field,
which in turn is subject to influence by space weather and solar activity!

Don't forget to check out our new Earthquake Section (a work in progress)!


The SOHO Gallery

Earn a SOHO Poster!


The Very Latest SOHO/LASCO Images

The Very Latest SOHO/LASCO MPEG Movies




Full-Disk H-alpha Solar Image! Current Active Sunspot Region!

Click on the above images for larger versions


Latest Unordered "Raw" SOHO/LASCO Images


Current Hydrogen-Alpha Image

Latest Aurora Activity

The plots below show the current extent and position of the auroral oval at each pole, extrapolated
from measurements taken during the most recent polar pass of the NOAA POES satellite.

"Center time" is the calculated time halfway through the satellite's pass over the pole.

Northern Hemisphere Enlarged View    Southern Hemisphere Enlarged View

Click here for more detailed info

The AstroAlert "Aurora" News Service

Tips On Viewing Aurora

If you observe what may be possible auroral activity,
please submit your observations to the

Auroral Activity Observation Network

Daily Sunspot Data



Additional Sunspot-related sites

Sunspot Numbers
NOAA sunspot numbers and 10.7 cm radio fluxes

Sunspot Index Data Center

Sunspot counts recorded during the past 400 years

Coronal Holes


[More about Coronal Holes]


Recent Developments


For the latest and most detailed report of solar events see:


For the latest in spaceweather reports see: 

The Solar Terrestrial Activity Report


The Biggest Explosions in the Solar System!

"Solar flares are the biggest explosions in the Solar System,"
says Robert Lin of UC Berkeley's Space Science Lab.

"They erupt near sunspots with the force of a hundred million hydrogen bombs!"

NASA's HESSI spacecraft aims to unravel an explosive mystery:
The Origin of Solar Flares. [full story]

Coronal Mass Ejection

X-ray Solar Flare Classification

The Largest Solar Flare on Record!

The Most Powerful Solar Flares ever Recorded

This 4.2 MB mpeg movie shows a solar flare in action,
blasting hot gas away from the limb of the Sun! [more]

An Overview of Solar Flares/CME's And Their Effects On The Earth

Flares and CME's


For the latest in Solar Flare and CME activity see:

The Solar Terrestrial Activity Report


NEW    The latest 48-hours of solar wind data

NEW    The latest 48-hours of flare activity

NEW    The latest 48-hours of photon data


Comparison of Solar Flares for Cycles 21, 22, and 23!

History of Solar Flares 1975 - 2000

Comparison By Cycle    Comparison By month


Charts courtesy of:    Tim Jacob


The Effects of a Geo-Magnetic Storm on the Earth

3-D Animation    Simulated Effects of a  CME Impact and Geo-Magnetic Storm

Space Weather Forecast


For the latest in spaceweather forecasts see:

The Solar Terrestrial Activity Report and NOAA/ SEC

Solar Data Sources

Solar data/images, which are used for the daily updates,
are gratefully acquired from the following sources:


Jan Alvestad and DXLC    Solar Terrestrial Activity Report

N3KL.ORG    Current Solar Data

NASA    SpaceWeather Bureau

NOAA/SEC    Space Environment Center

Space.com     SpaceWeather

...and last but certainly not least;

Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph Experiment (LASCO)

SOHO Sungrazing Comets


Sun-Grazing Comet

Kamikaze  Sun-Grazing Comets

347 sun-grazing comets, discovered by SOHO, appear to have come
from the breakup of
a single gigantic comet more than 2000 years ago!

NEW    Mike's SOHO Comet Hunt

Comet Champion of the Solar System

More Sun Grazers?

LASCO C3 Sun Grazer Event April 29, 2000

LASCO C2 336k Animation  April 28, 2000

Discover a Comet while on the Internet with SOHO

Related News

(As of )


News Update in progress!


Genesis Mission - Status Updates

Book     Storms from the Sun -The Emerging Science of Space Weather

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new    Genesis Spacecraft Enters Perfect Orbit

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hypothesis    Solar Typhoons and Massive Earth Crust Displacement

UH photo may be first to show a planet outside solar system

Killer dwarf could fry the Earth

Scientists see prediction of solar storms in future

Rarely Seen Southern Lights Photographed at South Pole

New Picture of Gravity Defying Loops on Sun

Solar Eclipse June 10 over North America

Mystery Bursts Tied Firmly to Exploding Stars

Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursters: One and the Same?

Hypervelocity Winds Rage in the Sun's Atmosphere

Earth's Space Storm Shield Offers Protection At A Price

Lawyer Claims To "Own" The Sun

NASA Celebrates Sun-Earth Day With Solar X-ray Fireworks

Discover a Comet while on the Internet with SOHO

Everything is right on 'Timed' with new Solar Science Satellite


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Solar Probe Home Page

Genesis Project Home Page

Solar Physics Home Page

IMAGE Science Center

SOHO - The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

LASCO - Large Angle and Spectrometric Coronagraph Experiment

SDAC - Solar Analysis Data Center

EIT - Extreme Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope

TRACE - Transition Region and Coronal Explorer

YOHKOH SXT - Soft X-Ray Telescope

NOAA/SEC - Space Environment Center

NOAA - National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration

NOAA - Sunspots and the Solar Cycle

Stanford Solar Center

The Virtual Sun

Discovery.com's SunStorms

Cyberspace ORBIT - Solwatch

Majestic Research Current Solar Data Page

Explore the Sun and its energy

In Depth: The Solar System: The Sun


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