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Our Changing Weather


The earth changes and weather related events occurring in
the past several months have prompted the need for an
'environmental news' section at DreamScape News

Here you can find the latest breaking news on the events
presently shaping our climate and environment!


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Global Warming & the Atmosphere


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UK & US Meteorologists (in a combined effort) Confirm Global Climate Changes


Climate Chiefs Issue Severe Weather Warning


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A greenhouse timeline

Frequently asked questions about the science of global warming

The politics of global warming: A guide to the movers and shakers

Global quotes: The world's leaders and scientists on climate change


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Breaking Weather News

(As of 05-31-2001)




Arctic 'getting greener'

Rising Sea-Level Will Swallow Some Coastlines

Explorer Says Arctic Ice Thinning Noticeably

Global Air Pollution Monitoring Debuts at AGU Press Briefing, May 30

The long goodbye

Australian Scientists Link El Nino to Antarctic Wave

Air pollution: The view from space

Chinese Dust Storms Could Stir up Big Trouble for U.S.

Friends of the Earth calls on Senator Jeffords to support Kyoto Protocol

Global Warming Carbon Experiments

Kyoto blow

Worldwide Volcanic Activity On The Rise?

The Big Melt

Shrinking Borders Contribute to Massive Ecological Destruction

Vegetation Key To Accurate Climate Modeling

USA Drought & Summer Outlook

Australia says Kyoto Protocol "all over"

Scripps Studies How Ocean Whitecaps Impact Global Temperatures

A real roasting

The Pacific China Dust Cloud

Carry on regardless

Shattering the greenhouse

Global warming




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Recent Weather News


Climate cooling could force human evolution

Warming could be worst in 10,000 years!

The Eastern US Keeps It's Cool

UN Sees Faster Global Warming, Humanity Responsible

The Forgotten Case For Global Cooling    July 1977

Does the Ice Age Cometh?

Cooling The Planet

US: Let's Beat Global Warming

Global Warming's Impact Is Clear

How Global Is Global Warming?

Global Warming Reduction Experiments Underway

Hot, hot is the range

New Scientist: Hot warning!

Forecasting a Hard Winter?

Ross Sea Carves B-20 Iceberg

Heating Up By One Degree

Ozone Layer's Recovery Years Away

Himalayan Ice Cores Reveal a Thousand Years of Climate

Satellite Imagery Pinpoints El Nino's Disruption of Marine Ecosystem

Monsoon Has Long History In Driest Desert

U.S. Coasts Face Massive Erosion in Next 60 Years

NOAA reports warmest spring, year-to-date on record

Atlantis on the Bayou

Draft report on climate change released for comment

Government Warns Of Searing Heat This Summer

Report says forests, soils could play role in mitigating climate change

Ozone hole over North Pole poses health problems

Acidic clouds responsible for ozone depletion

The grand plan to build a new Eden

Arctic Ozone May Not Recover As Early As Predicted

Dramatic Rise in Frequency of Natural Disasters Worldwide

Soil loss threatens food prospects

Surviving During Earth's Ice Age

China Building Weather-Changing Machines

What's Behind Global Warming?

Holes In Sun's Corona Puts A Hole In Climate Science

US Disaster Risk Rises With Growth

EPA closes acid rain monitoring sites

Drought Worries Grow For U.S. South, Midwest

U.N. talks focus on Species loss

El Nino Active During Ice Age, Study Finds

West's Pollution Blamed For World Disasters

La Niña Is Dying. Or Is It?

Sun's Role In Earth's Climate Shifts Termed Minor

Three Massive Icebergs Break Off Antarctic's Ronne Ice Shelf

Three Giant New Icebergs Born

Earth Hotter Than At Any Time 'In History'

Stronger Hurricanes Forecast in 2000

Get set for summer weather reruns

Stanford Grassland Project Seeks Answers, Riddle Of Global Climate Change

LMH    Severe Arctic Ozone Loss and Deep Ocean Warming

NASA: End Near for La Nina Weather Pattern

Report: Cracks Discovered In Ocean Floor

Clinton Warns of Global Warming Effects

La Niña Leaves States High and Dry

Storms Forecast For Next 20 Years

Busy Hurricane Season Forecast For 2000

NOAA Says La Nina Will Linger Through August, Long Hot Summer

Effects of Global Warming Clear in Canada Arctic

New NASA Satellite Gives Insight Into Climate

U.S. Has Warmest Jan-March Period on Record - NOAA

1st Quarter Sets Warmth Record

Report: Global Warming Not Natural Process

A Global Warming Affirmation

Global warming causing Arctic town to sink, says Inuit leader

Banking on global warming

GOES-L Finally Set To Get Its Go At Being The Weather Bird

Mexico Declares Drought Emergency

Demand for Resources Threatens World's Environment

LMH    Environmental Update April 16, 2000

Scientist seeks facts on global warming

Indian spiritual leaders gather to consider weather and its implications

Global Temps Cooler Than Normal in March-Report

G8 Ministers Agree on Global Warming Accord

Climate Change Gets Wet

Snowball Earth

Anatomy of the amphibians’ decline

Arctic ozone layer rapidly thinning

Water demand skyrockets

Debating The Solar Impact On Global Warming

Scientist Refutes Notion Of Benign Climatic Period

Acid Rain Chews Away At The Northeast

Biggest Ozone Hole Yet Discovered Over The Arctic

Ozone Layer Over Europe Thinner By 2/3rds

Second Enormous Iceberg Breaks Off From Antarctica

Massive iceberg peels away from Antarctic ice shelf

Wells, Water Sources Running Dry

Arctic Norway Buried Under Record Snowfalls

Ross Ice Shelf Iceberg - Latest Images

NSF: Massive Iceberg Peels Off from Antarctic Ice Shelf

Near-record iceberg breaking off

New Research On Long-Term Ocean Cycles Reveals Rapid Global Warming

Debate To Last An Ice age

What's up with the seasons?

Study Points To U.S. As Generator Of Greenhouse Gases

U.S. Records Warmest Winter on Record - NOAA

Less Snow, Even Less Great Lakes Water This Summer

Wayward Winds May Warn of Storms

Worst weather of the century

Earth enters the big thaw

Winters really are getting wetter

Climate worries surface in Florida

Here comes Urban Heat

U.S. Sees Drought Hitting Midwest, South

Fighting Over Fresh Water

Year Without a Summer

'La Nina' Sets Warming Record

Panel weighs in on global warming

Global-warming warnings are more than hot air

Group Wants Global Warming Plan

'Grim future' for Europe's wildlife

Clinton Warns Against Global Warming

Climate "Hot Map"

What's Up With the Weather?

Rising Sea Levels

Scientists To Study Ozone Loss

Scientist Says Asia Threatens Ozone Layer

World's Environment In Serious Decline

Odd weather suggests larger trend

'Unprecedented' Hurricane Rages Across Europe - Nearly 60 Dead



Art Bell & Whitley Strieber's


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The Coming Global SuperStorm


The Coming Global Superstorm Book Review on MSNBC

Art & Whitley Interviewed on Today Show


VIDEO    Art & Whitley Interviewed on Today Show
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Art Bell & Whitley Strieber's The Coming Global Superstorm to be a miniseries?


*Editors Note: Have you noticed all the freaky weather lately???



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